Remote Fear

She was wandering, quite lost, in the night…Out of nowhere she felt a cold hard…Was it a mistake…Read the rest of this short story in my new blog post:


Potter-ing About in the Philatelic Museum

Wondering what to do for the weekend, I came across news that there is a Harry Potter Exhibition going on in the Singapore Philatelic Museum (the huge HP fan inside me shouted yippee!). Read more about visit here:

New Year – New Look

Hello !!! (from a very excited me!)

Excited not only because it’s the start of the new year, but also because I have changed the look and feel of my blog with a new domain name.

I hope the new look makes the blog easier to navigate for all readers with a quick snapshot of my feeds from social media.

I am deeply grateful to all my followers and readers of sleeplessinsingapore who made me feel encouraged to keep posting over the last 6 months. Each one of you is fabulous! I hope you will all follow me on my journey with RheaWrites.

Wish everyone a very Happy and Successful New Year.


p.s.: Here’s a screenshot of the new blog:


p.p.s.: Here’s the link again to the new blog: Please do visit and provide your valuable feedback.

Happy Halloween!



I had posted this 3 years ago on Facebook – couldn’t resist sharing it again. In all this time, the little one has had a littler brother and can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with his friends today evening.

Happy Halloween people!


p.s.: This was inspired by the super talented Calfifornia-based artist, Queenie Liao. I had posted another a while back with my baby as a little diver.

My little scuba diver

Warm tropical night

I drift asleep to a bedtime story

And wake up in a  dream.






The time feels like eons ago, when my first baby used to just eat, sleep, repeat and I had some time (read-ENERGY) to spare ! Inspired by the super talented Calfifornia-based artist, Queenie Liao, I had on some occasions turned his photographs into playful art and had a good laugh with my friends and family.

You know nuthin Jon Snow!

GoT Jon Snow Meme Dark

I watched the six seasons of Game of Thrones and this is what sticks about the Jon Snow character.

Aside from jokes – I loved the series and the storyline.




Meme made with GIMP and Prisma.

“Facepalm” image: By Alex E. Proimos, CC BY 2.0,

None of the images used in the above meme are for any commercial purpose.