DIY Tulle Tutu Skirt

My adorable niece’s first birthday was coming up and I wanted to gift her something handmade with love which she will (hopefully!) remember and cherish when she grows up.

The Internet is filled with DIY tutorials of tutu skirts for babies and kids, so I started my little project to make one on my own.


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DIY Summer Hat with sequins and pom-poms

Summer is here and that means it’s time to get that pretty sun hat out into our lives – right?

My Instagram and Pinterest have been buzzing with these super glam slogan sun hats that I could not help drooling over. I had been feeling really “crafty” (wink-wink ;-)) lately, so to satisfy that itch I decided to make my own Slogan Hat without spending the $$! Read about my efforts to make myself some cool looking DIY hats here:


DIY-Painted Mugs, Plates, Glasses

I can literally spend hours on Pinterest and wouldn’t even realize it until my arm starts cramping, or eyes start burning after looking at the phone for such a long time! Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this super-easy DIY project, which is not only great for personal use but is an excellent handmade gifting idea for  your loved ones for any occasion or just like that! (hint hint: Christmas gift ideas).



To start off, I needed the following items:

  1. Plain Mugs, Plates, Glasses (I had few white coloured extras in the house)
  2. Oil Based Markers (Sharpies, Painty or any brand available at the local craft store)
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Oven

I had to make sure that both my hands and the mug (the item being painted) were not greasy (no snacking in between!) otherwise the markers won’t stain and the colours would come off easily after washing. Little bit of rubbing alcohol can be used to clean the surface, if required.


Normal permanent markers, Sharpies (water-based) will not work even if the mug has been baked, so as mentioned before, only oil based markers will do the job.

Once I had finished painting the surface of the once-boring-looking mugs, I let it sit for sometime before popping them in the oven.

As researched before-hand, I didn’t pre-heat the oven. I put all the painted beauties inside the oven for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees Celsius and let them sit there till the oven cooled down, to avoid the chances of them cracking due to the sudden temperature difference .



I have already used the mugs and plates and have hand-washed them quite few times. The colour is still perfect and there hasn’t been any fading till now.



So extremely happy with the cute little mugs! Sipping morning tea has become exciting – drinking from a personalized mug is always special!

This project is super easy and fun (warning: kind of addictive too). Since this is such a personal project idea there is no  right or wrong way of doing it. So no worries if the mug looks entirely different from the picture you got inspiration from on Pinterest. Let the the creative juices flow and if anything goes wrong, there is always rubbing alcohol to the rescue!




Did I mention that this is addictive? – once I started on this, for a few days I kept frantically checking my kitchen cabinets with a marker in my hand for more plates, glasses and anything made of glass with a plain looking surface!

I hope you find this DIY idea as interesting as I did. Let me know if you have tried it out or not and did it work for you, in the comment section below.

Till then,

Ciao xx




Easy DIY on Furniture

I was enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with the family when I felt that our mostly dark coloured wood furniture could do with some highlights.

So a bit of quick googling and I found that I could change the colour of the drawer-pulls of all the furniture to a light colour and that would give the rooms a different look.

To give context, the colour palette of our living room is mostly dark brown (almost black) coloured wood (for the tables), white upholstery on the sofa and cream and gold accent pieces (like lamp-shades, dinner table top, chandelier).

I decided to change the colour of the drawer-pulls to antique gold to match the colour palette.

We got the cheapest gold coloured spray paint can from the neighbourhood DIY store and tried it on one of the drawer-pulls. My husband and I weren’t particularly happy with the result since it looked more rose-gold than antique gold. So we had to get another can of spray paint – “green gold” colour this time and the results were satisfactory.

We proceeded to spray every drawer-pull in the living room after cleaning the metal pull-outs with a thick cloth. We now have a different look to the furniture that adds to the warmth of our home.


Old black drawer pulls on console table


Spray painting in progress – I did two coats on each

We had started doing the spraying indoors but the fumes were too strong so we swiftly brought the operation outside the house into open air.

While the can recommends 24 hours of drying time I was too excited to get these pulls back on the drawer the same day and write this blog post – so I put these on as soon as the surface felt dry to the touch which was about couple of hours outside. Thank god it wasn’t raining otherwise it would have taken longer.


Drawer pulls on console table after spray paint


Coffee table drawer pulls after spray painting


Changing the colour of the drawer pulls changes the look completely

Cost of spray paint: SG$ 7.00 (US$ 5.20)

Time taken: 2 hours



Although not born with a green thumb, I always had a deep desire to house some lovely plants in our small little place. Not only do they give a wonderful homely feel to the house but also mothering plants and seeing them grow gives me a lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement.

But the choices of plants are numerous and they require different degree of tender love and care. So finally, after some research online , I decided to go for succulents: very easy to to house them since they are no-fuss babies; no need to water them regularly or to take them out in the sun everyday. It’s difficult to go wrong with succulents. No wonder they are the latest in-thing: my instagram feed is flooded with these amazing super-plants. And boy! do they look pretty or what?!

Succulents are those plants which have thick stems and leaves and are able to retain water. They house the cacti family, i.e. all cacti are succulents but all succulents are not cacti.

So one fine morning, I went to the local nursery and got myself a beautiful Echeveria, Euphorbia (one out of many varieties) and a Jade plant (or Lucky plant as the locals prefer to call it). The kind lady at the nursery told me to put these little ones in a lighted area in the room so that they get plenty of sunlight during the day. I also got potting soil and fertilisers.


Jade (or Lucky) Plant





Caring for succulents: things to keep in mind

Watering is needed once or twice a week depending on the weather. The soil must be absolutely dry before watering again. A water-filled saucer or pot can rot the roots so spraying lightly with water is advisable.

Moderate (either direct or indirect) sunlight is required.

Putting white or colourful pebbles around the plant on top soil can prevent random weeds from springing up. They can also help conserve the moisture for sometime.

If the beauties attract the unfortunate attention of bugs and insects, some pesticide needs to be applied immediately to prevent the plant from rotting.



These potted plants added the perfect amount of greenery which was needed in my living room – they brightened up the space so much making it more easy and cheerful. I cannot wait to see some beautiful pink rosettes bloom soon.

I have put them in earthy Ikea bowls and decorated the space around with some hand-painted pebbles (which me and my husband picked up from the beaches of New Zealand five years ago on our honeymoon). This little corner of my home makes me smile every time I look at it.