NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes


I feel this post is so long overdue, since I have been using and loving these NYX Liquid Lipsticks for quite sometime now! Lipsticks are probably easiest way to create a look- and these are a must try since they are so good!


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My Top 5 picks of Nude Shades

Finding that perfect nude shade for the lips is a task in itself, isn’t it?

Pheww! So a decent amount of research and a million swatches at the counters later, I have finally compiled 5 ‘my lips but better’ shades which goes amazingly with my medium Indian skin tone and would probably go with any skin colour too.

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The Body Shop- Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream



The Body Shop (TBS) recently came out with a new line of skin care – The Oils of Life range. The range has 4 items; 2 moisturisers (one for oily/combo, one for normal/dry), an essence lotion and a facial oil. All the products contain three main oils: black cumin seed, camellia oil and rosehip oil.

TBS has really stepped up in their skin care game and The Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream really deserves a mention  and a pat on the back.

As the name suggests the consistency is somewhere between a gel and a light cream. The texture is simply beautiful -smooth and extremely light weight.


Looking at this amber coloured gel-cream at the store, I was not quite sure how my sometime-normal-sometime-oily skin would take it since it had oils in it, but surprisingly after a little slather on my wrist, my skin absorbed within seconds and it plumped up, looking hydrated (thanks to the aircons). The store lady said that it was meant for oily/combination skin types and the oils in the product will not make the skin oil-slick but would make it supple and bright.

And she was right!

I have been using the gel-cream everyday in the morning and before going to bed since my purchase and I like it a lot. It has a very slight pearly sheen to it which makes the skin glowy. If I have to wear makeup, its goes on smoothly on top of the moisturiser. For me it is perfect for an everyday moisturiser.


The product comes in a luxurious glass jar and the smell of it is just amazing, I wouldn’t even try to explain how calming it is!

Although the whole range is slightly on the spendy side than the other TBS ranges, but the gel-cream is well worth the price tag.

So next time do pop by TBS store and ask for sample to try.

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My wishlist: The Body Shop Oils of Life Revitalising Facial Oil



Jo Malone

Those who know me know my love for perfumes. The scents I love are always the Fresh, Floral and Feminine ones! Few months ago, I was gifted the Jo Malone-Wood Sage and Sea Salt and since then I am hopelessly addicted to it.



Let me tell more about this gem of a perfume – the first spritz of this luxurious perfume, transported me to the beach! Not the typical coconut-y tropical beach, but some British seashore with sea shells-and-cool-salty-breeze-in-my-hair kind of  place. The scent is very fresh and kind of cool outdoorsy; it is musky and salty at the same time. Just perfect for someone who spends 95% of her time of the year in the sunshine! A little teleporting happens every time I spray it on!

As the name suggests, it has hints of herby (sage) fragrance which makes it very different from the ones that I have been using all my life! It is very dramatic yet not suffocating.

Although it took me a good couple of wears to get used to the fragrance, now it is my go-to perfume for special occasions or if I just have to lounge at home with my pjs on.

It has a very unique fragrance in a way that its not that feminine. It is good mix of everything: fresh, musky, citrusy, wee bit herby!

My hubby just loves it when I put it on and it’s an easy way to fish some compliments from him too 😉

The packaging is beyond gorgeous. It comes in a box beautifully packed with a black ribbon and I just didn’t feel like throwing it away. I can never dispose such pretty packaging – can any of you relate with me on that?



Jo Malone is a quintessentially British Fragrance line which is now available all over the world. The fragrances can be combined and layered with other complementary Jo Malone fragrances and I somehow find this idea rather artistic. So by playing with the huge selection of perfumes Jo Malone offers, one can find a fragrance which will be absolutely unique to the person!

Only regret: I would have loved it insanely more if the fragrance wore on me for a little longer.

They come in a 30ml and 100 ml sized bottles.

So, the next time, you come across the Jo Malone boutique store, drop in and take a sniff at the amazing collection it carries.

Do you have any Jo Malone scent on your wishlist?  Or are you hopelessly in love with a fragrance like me? Let me know in the comments below.

Till then, xx

My wishlist: Peony & Blush Suede CologneCan’t stop me from loving some florals!

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Skechers Shoes Review

I was on the lookout to buy new shoes, since my trusty Fitflops started giving me some aches and pains in my toes lately. My friend highly recommended Skechers and asked me to try them out once.

I love love love shoes! and often dream about a closet full of fancy shoes neatly stacked (remember Carrie’s walk-in shoe wardrobe – Ohhh the dream!). But in reality, I am very picky when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes for myself or my kids. All three of us (me and my two boys – 3 years old and 1 year old) have broad feet and mostly all covered shoes hurt the toes even if sometimes the size fits well!

That’s so annoying when you actually find a good looking pair of shoes in the right size but your toes don’t toe the line!

So I take my time and it’s never a ‘grab and go’ affair when I buy shoes nowadays (learnt from the mistakes!). No matter how pretty a particular pair might look, if the fit is not comfortable, I don’t get excited anymore.

So on my friend’s reco, we visited the Skechers store in Ion Orchard and was stunned to see the various styles and options they had. There were shoes for running, walking, yoga, working out and I was pleasantly surprised to see designs for formal wear too.


Skechers boast of having Air cooled memory foam for their in-soles (brilliantly hugs onto the contours of the feet) which makes walking in them a dream. They are super light and comfy – a back pain that I was recently having from my other shoes is now gone.

The shoes are all machine washable, so after a long day in the park, all I had to do was to throw them in the washing machine, and voila! the next day, they were as good as new.

The colour options for the different styles were fantastic and I was spoilt for choices.

The price is comparable with any other decent pair of running shoes, like Nike, New Balance and such.

After trying out a few designs, I went for the casual and comfortable  slip-ons in black, the fit is just snug and not tight or painful. Looked simple and smart and I thought it would go with most of my outfits.



I also got some walking shoes for my little 1 year old (who has recently started walking), from the  kid’s collection with straps. Every time he sees the front door open, he promptly opens the shoe cabinet and brings out his new pair from the two pairs that are kept for him saying “bo bo” (I don’t know what that means!).



As the lady in the store told me – with Skechers, you are sorted ! whether you are looking for shoes for working out or your job requires you to stand on your feet the whole day, or simply for walking, Skechers has  styles to suit almost all your needs.

So glad that I listened to my friend and tried out Skechers – I have not really worn anything else after getting these babies home! Only regret is why was I not introduced to them before! Ahh!

Planning to get a pair for Hubby Dear for his birthday next month! Shhhhh!

Till then, happy shopping for Christmas.


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Gift Idea: Affordable and Stylish Seiko Automatic Watch

How difficult it is to buy gifts for men?  Oh!

It can be rather exasperating if one does not really know what exactly the man wants or needs! I have been there and God! it’s never a pleasant experience.

On his birthday last year, I gifted the Husband a Seiko watch and till date he cannot stop raving about it. I guess that’s a good enough reason for me to share a tiny review of the watch, in case any of you wonderful people are fishing for gift ideas for your loved ones during the holiday season.



That’s me flaunting the watch!

The product in question goes by the technical name: SNK807 Seiko 5 Automatic – not the most imaginative like Aviator or Bumblebee! It’s an automatic mechanical watch and after some online reading I found that it’s one of the brand’s popular items.

The watch has a classic face with blue nylon canvas straps which lends a cool and stylish feel to it. Other colour options are also available for the straps – like black, dark green. The dial is 36mm in diameter which is the standard size, not the huge (42mm) ones which are very popular these days. It’s got a day and date display which makes it rather convenient (even in this smartphone age!). And best of all – this stylish watch is unbeatable on price too!



The back cover is transparent showing the internal movements – should be a treat for those who like machines.

All in all, it’s a brilliant watch which is affordable, trendy and kind of perfect for those casual outings! My husband doesn’t think twice before wearing it to office as well. There has been many times, yes I confess, that I have worn it and felt very comfortable and kinda cool 😎

Let the shopping for the holidays begin! Or have you started already? And that reminds me: my husband’s birthday is around the corner and I have to buy a gift – oh my God! what to get him this time! Your ideas will be most helpful – really!

Till then, much love


Online Shopping Link here.





Missoma Jewellery


Missoma’s fine jewellery had been on my wish list for sometime now. Upon being asked by dear husband, if I wanted anything particular for my birthday, I started dropping numerous subtle and not so subtle hints. None of it worked and I finally had to show him on Missoma’s website the exact necklace that I wanted! A few clicks and a few days later, I am now happy with my gorgeous jewellery gift at the cost of a surprise one!

Missoma, a UK based mother-daughters team, is making a huge wave nowadays with its edgy yet feminine contemporary designs. They are subtle and classy enough to wear at work and also fun and stunning to be worn for the weekends and evening dates.

The jewellery pieces are exquisite; they are made of 18ct gold vermeil or sterling silver with real semi-precious gemstones and zircon setting. Perfect for layering or stacking if one feels to dress up or dress down.


I got the Gold Mini Fang Necklace which is from the Lucy Williams X Missoma collection. It is simple yet slightly quirky (thanks to the mini fangs!) and feels like a dream when wearing it. So light and dainty – goes amazingly well with all kinds of outfits; so well that I haven’t really worn any other jewellery after I received the necklace.


Each item can be hand-engraved with initials or special message if desired – that’s so useful for gifts.

The website is easy to use and delivery was smooth too – just 5 days for international shipping for a nominal charge.

Wish list: Gold Pave Double Arrow Stud Earrings, Double Arrow Ring, Turquoise Bolt ring…. Basically everything!

What are your thoughts about light jewellery and have any of you used Missoma yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Till then,


Click on this link for the necklace shown in photos.